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Matthew Bartemucci

Accredited Advisor

Matthew Bartemucci
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Matthew Bartemucci

Company Hood Sweeney Pty Ltd
Position Director in Accounting & Business Advisory
Address SAAustralia
Mobile +61 417 889 241
Specialities Tax Services, Accredited Adviser Listing, Succession Planning, Strategic Planning, Accounting, Governance and Structure

Matthew Bartemucci is a chartered accountant with 20 years of experience, specialising in accounting and business advisory for family businesses, small to medium-sized enterprises and high net worth individuals. He is also an accredited Family Business Adviser with Family Business Association.

Client focused, dedicated, and understanding, Matthew specialises in the areas of business financial and management accounting, taxation and compliance, business strategy, asset protection, succession planning and governance for his clients.

Developing an understanding of his clients’ goals and objectives allows Matthew to tailor his advice to ensure that the client’s ultimate success is achieved.

Matthew says: ‘Our experience as advisers tells us working with businesses and families and tailoring advice around business advisory, growth planning, succession and governance are critical to setting them up for greater success as family businesses.’