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Michael Simonyi

Accredited Advisor

Michael Simonyi
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Michael Simonyi

Company Simonyi | Family Business Recruitment Partners
Address PO Box 5148, Kenmore East, QLD, 4069, Australia
Mobile 407977670
Specialities Recruitment, Succession Planning

By putting the right people in the right places, I help my clients achieve the ambitions they hold for their businesses and for their families.

My goal is simple: to have a profoundly positive impact on the businesses I work with and the careers of the people I recruit into them. Whether the non-family CEO or General Manager, roles in Executive Leadership Teams, or management positions across various functions of a business, I search out high performers with proven records of delivering outstanding outcomes, ideally in family business environments.

Critically, beyond finding talent with the right skills and competencies, I seek out people who align with the vision and values of the family business owners they work with.