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Total Image Group are Australia's uniform specialist, crafting fashion-forward uniforms and workwear. Total Image group empowers brands across various sectors, including corporate, retail, hospitality, automotive, sporting, healthcare, industrial, and fitness, to leave a lasting impression.


In 2005, the company revolutionised traditional uniform concepts by discarding utilitarian designs that lack fit and appeal. A customised and desirable uniform solution is achieved by prioritising collaboration with staff members in the uniform design process, ensuring consistent brand representation with every customer interaction.

From conception to execution, the company is committed to providing comprehensive support throughout every stage of the uniform journey for businesses. Take a journey behind the curtain and step into the heart of TIG's headquarters. You'll have the exclusive opportunity to explore the inner workings of their operations, guided by none other than Pamela and her family. Gain insight into the company's ethos, witness firsthand the dedication and passion that drives them forward, and discover the intricate processes behind creating their renowned brand.

Please contact the FBA Office on 1800 249 357 if you have any questions or require assistance with your registration.

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