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Meet the Owner - Kennards Hire Museum

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Prepare for an extraordinary experience as FBA invites you to an exclusive tour of the Kennards Hire Museum—an event that should not be overlooked! The Kennards Hire Museum, typically inaccessible to the general public, opens its doors exclusively for our FBA members. Seize this rare opportunity to be transported back in time, delving into the rich history and remarkable legacy housed within the museum's walls.

Featuring hundreds of lovingly restored and catalogued equipment, this hidden gem holds treasures that have played pivotal roles in the Kennards Hire story. From donated pieces by esteemed suppliers to nostalgic items.


This exclusive tour promises a captivating journey through time, combining industry history, innovation, and the unwavering spirit of Kennards Hire. Mark your calendar, as this is an event not to be missed! RSVP now to secure your spot and witness the unfolding chapters of Kennards Hire's storied past.

Click to view Kennards Hire Museum’s Virtual Tour Video:

Thank you to our host, 

Andy & Angus Kennard

Please contact the FBA Office on 1800 249 357 if you have any questions or require assistance with your registration.

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